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Abstract Concepts Pty Ltd is an I.T. and software solutions provider based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Contact Lincoln on +61 409 526 471. 


Whilst providing a wide range of differing I.T. and some specific customised software application solutions, the main focus is on a small number of key industries with specialist knowledge and experience with-in these areas.


The main software accounting products supported from an I.T. level are the Australian versions of Quickbooks and Myob.

Access to certified trainers and book-keepers supporting each individual application is available on request...



The main supporting role is the whole-sale Glass/Glazing distribution industry, specializing in MS server products, both Exchange and Terminal server (2K3/2K8).

Very specific support is also offered to the industrial glass processing machines;

Float tables, Lam tables, Water-jet cutters and CNC's, Arisser's, Double edges, Tempering furnaces etc which range from running DOS up to Windows 7.


Supporting a wide range of glass processing machinery has an advantage when enabling DOS and Windows mapped networks over UTP and/or wireless to assist in the glass optimization process with float Tables allowing staff working on CAD files on another Windows based PC to upload optimization jobs directly to the machine ready for the machine operator to perform the next cutting job.

CAD files (DWG/DXF) may also be directly uploaded to CNC machines offering a supporting role to the machine operator.


Other I.T. supporting roles include identification of weak-points in any I.T. chain, risk mitigation analysis and factoring in additional layers of redundancy in the event of possible hardware or software failure.

The same level of redundancy is offered not only to mission critical file servers but also the machines processing the glass.


If you are a Chinese (Zhong-wen) Glass machine processing manufacture:

Are you looking for a support representative in the Asia Pacific region to provide after sales service and support to your machine product base?

Are you finding the Chinese to English language barrier an issue when marketing your glass processing machinery and it's non-english user interface?

Do you require support from a native English speaker with an advanced understanding of technical capabilities and concepts, both hadware and software?

With the assistance of a trusted professional Chinese to English translator (located in Shanghai) and with the ability to transcribe documents accurately, if you are a Chinese company looking to promote your Glass processing machinery to western markets to increase your market share, this may be the company you're looking for!




Another area of speciality is Software programming with Visual Basic, interfacing the outside world to the PC with knowledge and experience acquired on a number of different projects.

Video capture and processing, histo-graphical blob analysis of visual data, switching single/three phase mains power, interfacing single to 3-phase motor controller Inverters for conveyor systems, stepper motor and servo control via PWM and Quadrature encoding, Temp sensing and measurement among other things are also available, all controlled via a GUI interface. Controllers are mainly I.P. Based systems with very high accuracy and reliability.

If you are working on a prototype project or have a full production project that you feel may require assistance in any way or form to either improve its market potential, it's design concept, electrical, technical or engineering aspects, I'm more than happy to work with you at a strictly confidential level.



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